jane magazine ISSUE 13

jane magazine ISSUE 13

jane by the grey attic
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issue 13 'the art of creative living'

there are certain elements that may be conducive to the art of creative living 

and so, we dedicate this issue to and share with you 11 prompts of intention and refinement. to the thoughts and cues that protect and strengthen and embody the survival of all interpretations of the slow art movement and the ways of seeing and living that it inspires. to curiosity and to an alternative and nourishing lens to place on top of your view of the world. to open hearts and minds. to wonder and worship, and to making things beautiful.

to the act, and art, of creative living.

about jane by the grey attic -

JANE magazine is a biannual fashion and fine art publication shot on film and printed on paper. The magazine explores the disciplines of art, photography, fashion, philosophy, and poetry.

founded and produced by annika hein and odin wilde JANE is a slow art movement considering and challenging the dialogue around creative intention and consumption.

offering an alternative voice guided by artistic consideration and creative freedom JANE’s mission is to cultivate an overarching change in artistic consumption and creation, while nurturing a community that goes beyond the pages.