pebbly beach 37, 2023 - limited edition

pebbly beach 37, 2023 - limited edition

sophia elizabeth
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LIGHT BODY [the exhibition], celebrates the movement that light creates in black & white photography and honours its journey throughout the entire creative process of developing 35mm film and printing in a darkroom.

taken around 30m off pebbly beach on the nsw south coast, a figure swims in the shimmering light of the sun streaming through the water.

'when we got there I hit the water first, leaving everything in my bag on the beach. Sometimes it feels just as important to put everything away and enjoy the moment. Liberating yourself from the task. The work. The tech. When you do this, I think you end up noticing more things around you. Sometimes slipping into the experience and allowing your joy of a place to come through you first turns up in what you produce at the end of the day. It makes it more real, more present.'

this is a lightfast pigment print on canson platine, unframed. 

available in 2 sizes:
50cm x 40cm
30cm x 24cm.

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